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Blue light. No heat. A glacial wall of denser-than-dense sound.

Dallas Texas’ FROZEN SOUL lives up to their name as the sound of death metal at its most cold and classic. Riff after slow, grinding riff, there is no mistaking the themes of isolation and suffering that permeate the quintet’s massive sonic missives. From the first note of their Century Media debut, Crypt of Ice, it's like the march of Game of Thrones’ Night King put to sound: nothing subtle about it at all. “The feeling I’m getting from playing in FROZEN SOUL is powerful in a way I wasn’t getting from other bands I’ve played in before", says front man Chad Green. “The sound. The lyrics. Even the logo itself has a harshness to it that just feels powerful and cold. Add to that the depression of dealing with real life and the venomous people that can inhabit it and the vibe of the band just makes sense.”

FROZEN SOUL's brand of straightforward, in-your-face death metal is a gasp of fresh air in a genre that’s stretched the very limits of technicality. Fully formed in 2018, the quintet has rapidly made a name for itself and churned the underground with a sound that evokes the old school sound of bands like Obituary, Mortician and Bolt Thrower. That reverence for death metal’s roots was apparent from Frozen Soul’s initial four-song Encased In Ice demo (which includes a cover of Mortician’s “Witch’s Coven”) that was released in early 2019 on California's cave dwelling, knuckle dragging, Maggot Stomp Records.

Not that FROZEN SOUL’s journey has exactly been overnight. The band’s roots can be etched back to 2007 in Green’s time as drummer in Metallic Hardcore turned Death Metal band, End Times. With early influences including Trial, Ringworm and Integrity or Texas’ heroes, Iron Age”, he recalls. “That led me back to my roots – which was, of course, bands like Metallica, and Slayer. From there I fell down the rabbit hole into bands like Grave, Bolt Thrower and Obituary. Eventually, I realized that even if I was playing hardcore, all we were doing was writing death and thrash riffs, anyways!” Blame it on the power of the blunt-force riff and a love for death metal’s past, but in part, blame it on being a band from Texas, a state whose metal roots run deep. From Pantera to Power Trip, sheer heaviness runs in FROZEN SOUL's home state’s musical bloodstream. “I think being from here gives any band some big shoes to fill", states Chad. “That’s why Texas has so many great metal, punk, and hardcore bands.”

A chance 2016 meeting with guitarist Michael Munday at a local comic book shop over a game of Magic: The Gathering laid the foundation for FROZEN SOUL. The two had an instant chemistry and shared love for the likes of games, music and well of course, Bolt Thrower, that became the primordial ooze from which FROZEN SOUL would eventually emerge.

“It all started when we were trying to rekindle End Times, we were writing riffs that were a little too heavy for what End Times was going for", recalls Chad. “The first full song that we wrote for FROZEN SOUL was ‘Hand of Vengeance’, which came together quickly! It had a different sort of influence and pushed us to do something new which became FROZEN SOUL.” With End Times guitarist and Crypt of Ice producer/mixer Daniel Schmuck – who has also worked with the likes of Creeping Death and Power Trip – FROZEN SOUL came together quickly. Bassist, and Tattoo Artist Samantha Mobley, along with Drummer Brady Tripp would fill in the starting lineup and by early 2019, the band recorded their inaugural demo and played a near sold-out first show in March, opening a stacked bill topped by death metal contenders, Blood Incantation and Necrot. “We had quite a few people from our hometown at the show that had no idea we were a local band, asking where we were touring from.” says Chad. The band circulated through members which led to the addition of Green's longtime friend and Drummer Matt Dennard, together hit the road to the West Coast by the Summer. In October they followed the West Coast tour up a run through the Midwest with thrash crossover monsters, Plague Years. “Every show on both of our first two tours were great, which felt incredible, especially for a band with just one four-song demo!", the front man admits. A steady diet of in between local gigs with the likes of Gatecreeper, Exhumed, Vader and Obituary, really got their name out there among the local Texas scene, but hitting the frozen roads of the east coast in January 2020 with Death Thrashers Steel Bearing Hand brought FROZEN SOUL's icy reign full circle solidifying their spot nationally. With every show, the band became a more oppressive wall of sound and snow-machine enhanced atmosphere. “The Frozen Steel tour in January was one of the best experiences in my life and playing a packed show at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn was a huge accomplishment for us", remembers Chad. “It was one of those moments, playing a legendary club that you never imagined being able to play that makes you ask yourself, have we finally arrived, have we made it?!.”

In truth, FROZEN SOUL had arrived and both fans and the metal press had given them the stamp of approval. Just a few months after its release, the band’s singular demo-turned-EP was already winning them high praise in many year-end critics’ polls. Brooklyn Vegan pegged FROZEN SOUL for one of the most anticipated metal albums of 2020 and Invisible Orange’s writer Rhys Williams gave Encased In Ice the #4 spot in his Top 10 records of 2019.

In another surprise turn, the band received a call from Century Media and found themselves inking a worldwide deal with the label. “We were surprised ourselves at just how quickly this had all come together", Chad admits. “But honestly, we 100% never expected this.” With its line-up filled out by Steel Bearing Hand bassist, Chris Bonner playing second guitar, FROZEN SOUL entered the studio in early March 2020 to record its first full-length with former guitarist Daniel Schmuck handling production and mixing duties. While the shadow of the encroaching Covid-19 pandemic loomed over the recording, the band got focused and delivered. Crypt of Ice is nothing short of a breath of very fresh and very cold air on death metal’s fiery landscape. From re-recorded demo tracks including the call-to-arms of “Encased In Ice” and the savage frost blister of "Wraith of Death", to the brutal, pummeling and momentous guitar churn of "Arctic Stranglehold", FROZEN SOUL has delivered a record that embraces the genre’s past whilst pushing death metal forward with frigid force.

Chad Green 


I was born in may of 1986 in Fort Worth Texas. My life has always revolved around music in some way. Before I knew anything about music when I was just a toddler my grandparents owned a rock club in Fort Worth and both of my parents worked there at the time. My mom would bring me to work and there were always bands playing. Growing up my dad always listened to heavy metal stuff like Metallica, AC/DC and stuff like that and when I was in middle school my mom started getting me CDs of heavier bands and then through high school I met friends who got me into hardcore, metalcore and death metal. 


Around 11th grade I got my first drum set and knew I wanted to be a musician and play in a band. I worked relentlessly to get good enough to play in a band and when I was a senior in high school it finally happened. From there I met new people and just kept falling down the rabbit hole of extreme music. In 2007 I formed End Times we started out as a hardcore band influenced by bands like integrity and trial turned into a more heavy metal influenced death metal band. In 2012 I formed Vulgar Display with some friends from Dallas and ended up touring the country 3 or so times before the band dismantled in 2016. From there I met Michael when I was worked at a local comic and game store and decided to start a band, we got together with friends and named the band Frozen Soul, it ended up not working out so with Michael I reignited End Times. While recording our newest record we decided to get Frozen Soul back together, and spent the next 2 years hard at work to get where I am today. Aside from music, video games and movies are a huge part of my life.  


Some of my biggest musical influences are, Lars and James of Metallica, Max and Igor of Cavalera Conspiracy and ex Sepultura, Corey Taylor of Slipknot, Karl Willets of Bolt Thrower,  Dwid Hellion of Integrity, John and Donald Tardy of Obituary, John Bonham of Led Zepplin, and Roger Beaujard of Mortician. 


Honorable mentions : Merauder, The Cro Mags, Sentenced, Devourment, White Zombie, Depche Mode. 


Favorite games: Halo series, Boogerman, Primal Rage, Spawn for Dreamcast, Ark Survival Evolved and Apex Legends. 


Favorite movies: Hellraiser 1-3, The Matrix, Idiocracy, Anchorman, Halloween, Warriors of Virtue, Turbokid, The Thing, Lord of the Rings, and I’m a sucker for super hero movies! 

Matt Dennard 

I grew up in Euless, Texas mostly listening to movie soundtracks as a kid, so I guess my taste has always been open and across the board. But it wasn’t until getting involved in metal and hardcore around the DFW area that I found something which made me want to move and I just kept itching for more. From then on it felt like no matter how my day went or what happened, there‘s always a record I can put on that will fire me up to go to a show or take it to the drum kit. 


I use an acrylic Tama Silverstar with a 14” Crush snare drum, Zildjian A-Custom crashes and hi-hat, and a Paiste Reign Power Ride. My favorite bands are Black Sabbath, Sepultura, and Death! 


Michael Munday


I grew up in North Richland Hills, Texas and spent a lot of my free time playing video games like The Legend of Zelda series, Halo, and Guitar Hero. I got my first guitar when I was 9 and have been playing ever since. I was first introduced to metal through my parents CD collection which had bands like Metallica, White Zombie, and Korn amongst several others. As i got older i discovered more bands through the internet and have been in the rabbit hole ever since. When i graduated high school i started going to shows around the DFW area and have been playing in bands since then. 


Currently i play a 1986 USA B.C. Rich Ironbird with a pearlescent blue finish. It’s got set of EMG 81X/85X pickups, Kahler tremolo with a 25.5” scale, made out of mahogany with a rosewood fretboard. For pedals I use a Boss TU-3, a Maxon ST9 Pro+, and an ISP Decimator into a Peavey 6505 hooked up to 2 oversize Mesa 4x12 cabinets. For samples i use a Digitech JamMan loop station. 


Some of my influences are James Hetfield & Cliff Burton (Metallica), Jeff Hanneman (Slayer), Alex Webster & Pat O’Brien (Cannibal Corpse), Chuck Schuldiner (Death), Gavin Ward (Bolt Thrower), and Roger Beaujard (Mortician)

Chris Bonner 

I was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas and was raised in Joshua, Texas. I was first introduced to music through my father who played guitar in heavy metal bands around the DFW area in the 80s/90s. My dad's band used to play with Pantera in the early days so Pantera was always being played around the house. At the age of 14 I got interested in playing music and to rebel against my parents I  decided to start playing Punk. As I got more into punk I started to discover the connections between both punk and metal. Through UK hardcore punk bands like Discharge,Sacrilege,GBH and Extreme Noise Terror he was able to discover bands like Bolt Thrower, Carcass and Napalm Death. When I started to get into swedish hardcore punk bands like Anti Cimex, Totalitar and Wolf Pack I started to discover bands like Dismember, Entombed, At the Gates and Grave. As the lines between punk and metal started to blur in the bands I was listening to and playing in I started to have a new understanding of how both genres were connected. Once I heard Japanese hardcore punk bands Crude, Death Side and Bastard along with american hardcore punk band Poison Idea it confirmed to me that just because you played punk doesn't mean you can't be good at your intsruments and that without punk there wouldn't be the more extreme side of metal. Since those days I have spent countless hours scouring the internet and record stores to find more underground and obscure metal and punk bands. In my early years I played in several hardcore punk bands and got to tour the US countless times as well as Japan and Europe.


Past Bands

Unit 21



Steel Bearing Hand


Chris' favorite guitar players


Poison Idea - Pig Champion

Death Side - Chelsea

Carcass - Bill Steer

Anti Cimex - Climate Lundberg

Bolt Thrower - Gavin Ward

Sacrilege - Damien Thompson

Slayer - Jeff Hanneman

Scorpions - Uli Roth

Cannibal Corpse - Pat O'brian


Chris' Gear

Peavey 6505+ Head

Mesa 4x12 cabs

Gibson Explorer Silverburst with BareKnuckle pickups

Jackson SL2H USA Soloist EMGX81/85 pickups

Maxon ST9 Pro overdrive

Boss tu3 tuner

ISP decimator Noise gate. 


Samantha Mobley 


I was born and raised in Texas.

I have always loved art and music, and constantly created art as a child.  

I was gifted my first guitar at the age of 10, and casually played off and on throughout the years. Trying to teach myself the basics in between my studies. 

I grew up on 90's alternative music, and progressed into listening to heavier and heavier music in my teenage years. 

Some of my favorite bands growing up and my biggest influences are : dissection, acid bath,  cannibal corpse, dying fetus, bolt thrower, crowbar, black sabbath, pantera and type o negative.  

My life reached a turning point a few years ago, and I decided I'd like to pursue the things that make me happy; art and music. 

I reached out locally, and started playing bass in a black metal band. I cut my teeth with them and recorded a demo. While short lived, it allowed me to get my chops up ,

and then shortly after that band dissipated, I started playing in frozen soul.   

I started a tattoo apprenticeship in 2019, and graduated to a full time tattoo artist that same year.   

I am now a full time tattoo artist, and have played bass in frozen soul since we started in 2018. 

If you're interested in a tattoo, please visit my website


As far as gear goes, I currently alternate between a 87 NJ BC Rich Warlock with DiMarzio pickups in it, and a 5 string Legacy Series Widow with active EMG pickups.

 I also have an 87 Ironbird NJ series with EMG X's installed. My pedal board consists of a decimator, the lone wolf audio caveman pedal, and my tuner. For my cab I play on a 8X10 ampeg, and for my head I use an ampeg SVT4PRO. Pretty simple, but effective setup. 

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